I am an vegetarian?

In the course of my little local eating/green living experiment, I’ve fogured out that I’ve unwittingly become a vegetarian.

Yes, there is meat around here. There are actually quite a few ranches. However, I’ve yet to make it out to any of them or to the co-op where I know local beef is sold. In addition to that, beef sort of upsets my IBS. I’d rather have chicken, but there are definitely no chickens raised for anything but eggs around here. I can’t really drink milk, seeing as I’ve discovered I’m sort of allergic to it.

No turkeys around here either. Or pigs. Plenty of fish, if I find the time to make it to the fish markets. So, I’ve got lots of local veggies and fruit and the soy milk I buy with my “allowance.” I’m a vegetarian. Not even that, a vegan. I’m slowly eating all the meat I’ve had hidden in my freezer, so this will be a serious change for me very, very soon.


This is what I’m doing here.

I’ve got way too many blogs, but little place for writing. Just personal writing. I want to be able to talk about life and other such things, so I can all All That & A to be a shopping blog and Decorazzi to be a home blog.

Sue me, I took a cue from Mighty Girl. She’s got other blogs and a place to write for herself.

I won’t update every day, sorry. Too much other stuff going on. But I probably will update often enough.


When the night falls, it’s lonely. There is comfort in the warmth of the cat near her legs, but otherwise she’s alone.

There is no reason to be sad. It’s a different kind of loneliness. A content way of being separate from the world, where this is nothing else, but this bed, the cat and that which is far away.