I’ve been waiting for this day

Treehugger tells me that wireless electricity is very close…40% efficiency right now, but that’s way closer than 0%. From the BBC:

The system exploits “resonance”, a phenomenon that causes an object to vibrate when energy of a certain frequency is applied. When two objects have the same resonance they exchange energy strongly without having an effect on other surrounding objects.

Read the treehugger article.

Read the BBC article. 

In Kansas and randomness

I’m on vacation, but I’m still thinking about blogging. I’m going to try and update my WordPress soon…this weekend? Anyone have tips on that?

I’m also considering joining coutoture, a fashion blog network. I like the idea, but there’s some past gossip about the site’s EIC, which makes me re-consider. I don’t like drama. Also, I’m going to be part of a really cool gig soon, more  on that when I can tell you.

My haircut is hot.  I go to Maggie at Reveal in SLO. She’s the shit apparently.

Anyway, I’m in Kansas to see the Boy and to attend Wakarusa. There’s not much of my music (I’d rather go to Lolla, Coachella or Austin City Limits). Ben Harper is playing and I get to see a lot of friends and find new, non-indie music. What’s not to like?

Enough of randomness.


Listening to breakup songs

can only help so much

when we’re on random

and no one needs to say they’re sorry

because this time

it’s no one’s fault

and everyone’s fault

because they said we’d only make it so far

being who we are

but in the morning light

you were supposed to be the last one I loved

and you’re asking to become part of the crowd of my past

there’s nothing to say

not even I’m sorry

I’ve nothing left to give you

you’re already taking my heart

and there’s no more room here for my baggage

I’m supposed to be angry

you’re the one leaving me

but I only love you more

There’s nothing to say.