On blogging

I spend a lot of time blogging. Honestly, I spend about 20 or so hour a week blogging and blogging-related things, like responding to e-mails on networks, brainstorming etc. I need to write down what I do every week, so I can keep track of it.
This post is more for me to organize my thoughts than anything else, but I welcome other bloggers to add their thoughts on their schedules.


Mon: site I like + something else

Tues: two random things

Wed: two random things (maybe I can do a link roundup?)

Thurs: what’s up at Decorazzi +something else

Fri: etsy+ what I’m up to (maybe I should move what I’m up to to Tuesday so each day has a set post?)


everything is random except Tues, which is Etsy day. I need to add inpiration, store, quick tip, maybe?


This is still to new for me to have a sched….this could go like this

Mon: store spotlight + something else

Tues: green + something else

Wed: Etsy + something else

Thurs: ??

Fri: ??

I need to spend a day not writing posts and just working on networking, like e-mailing sites I’ve mentioned of will mention soon.

On a happy note: I found this post with firefox add-ons which is great, through Darren’s problogging site.

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  1. I’m really bad with the networking stuff. And I only blog something when I really feel like it. I do have a Twitter account, though. Anytime I post something to new one of my blogs, I put up a post on Twitter, too. And I’ve also been mirroring my main blog on MySpace, for whatever that may be worth.

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