gentle extraction

Have you ever noticed that technology has made the extraction of someone from your life more difficult?

Back in the day, you’d stop communicating and that was it. Now you must remove the person from your Facebook, Myspace, cell phone, e-mail, AIM, MSN, Gchat, T-Mobile Faves, and then, and only then from your heart.

What is up with that? As if it’s easy to do that in the first place, the steps to doing so have piled up so high that it’s nearly a two-week process. You think you’ve got them all and then you realize, “Shit. They’re still in my Top Friends.”

And what if it all changes? What if, tomorrow, you and the other person decide ‘never mind. We’re still together now.’ Then what? The whole process of putting them back in and will your cell phone account allow you to change one Fave twice in the same month or do you have to pay for calls to this person all for the month?

Small worries, I know. There are much larger implications to the gentle extraction of someone from your heart, but I don’t know.

It makes it more irritating, depressing, upsetting and sad to do all this.

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