news: I woke up to hear this

McClatchy said it is reducing workforce through both voluntary and involuntary separations, as well as managed attrition, involving about 1,400 full-time equivalent employees (FTE’s). The company will retain its strategic focus on sales, news and online operations as it realigns operations, with decisions about the size and profile of changes differing by location.

McClatchy historically has not used broad layoffs to manage staff size, relying instead on attrition and selected job eliminations through outsourcing. This has been an effective strategy, resulting in workforce reduction of 13% between the end of 2006 and April 2008, but today’s more competitive media environment and challenging operating conditions mean the company must move more aggressively to shape the overall workforce.

I don’t have anything to say…yet. This is scary.

Read morea bout McClathy’s announcement.

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