you may have guessed by now

that I am not going to write about my former company too much.

Honestly, I think I’m over it. They screwed me over, but I’m working on righting it. I am not angry at most people. I am angry at the CEO who took a gigantic bonus this year, but still laid off 1,400 people.

I am not angry at my former paper, although I express dismay that I will probably not work in journalism again. It makes me sad to think that all the enthusiasm and hope I had leaving college for the field never really had a chance to be realized.

Anyway, unlike some company-sactioned bloggers, I did not have a financial advisor sit down with me when I heard the news. I do not have any savings. I have a significant amount of debt, from my car, credit cards and otherwise.

So. the job hunt has proved….sad. I haven’t heard back from anywhere that I applied and I seem vastly underqualified or overqualified for many things. I have a potential interview, which does not really excite me, but it will be a challenge to learn to write differently.

I’m looking for freelance work where I can get it, so I can add to my meager blogging income. But a full-time telecommute job is ideal right now. Or at least in the Bay Area.

I’m headed to UNITY next week to meet up with journalist friends. Hopefully I can get some job leads there and network my ass off.

If anyone is headed there as well, let me know and we can lunch or dinner or something.

I plan on taking my resume, nicely printed and shoving it in the face of every news organization on the West Coast.

Here’s hoping it works.

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