so soon?

The election is close.

Ridiculously close.

The stock market isn’t doing any better and my 401(k) might as well not exist. I’m watching it all, day by day, like anyone else is. I pretend it isn’t real.

I have so much hope for what will happen aster it gets worse. My name, in Vietnamese, means phoenix. I have, always, maintained that is represents everything, rising from the ashes.

Hopefully, there will be no ashes to rise from, but if there are, let’s hope we’ll rise.

the question

I ask myself: What am I doing here?

Sometimes it’s in wonder. How could I be so lucky?

Sometimes it’s with shame. How did I let it get this far?

Sometimes it’s in bewilderment. What happened to my life?

Sometimes it’s in sadness. Why haven’t I done more?

It’s how I keep a check on myself. What is my purpose, anyway? I don’t, really. I am an aimless wanderer, for better or worse.