divide and conquer

I am, like everyone else I know, terribly saddened by the election.

No, I’m very happy that Obama won, but Proposition 8, the gay marriage deal, passed. My gay friends aren’t legally married anymore. It’s ridiculous.

I’m angry. I’m more angry by the response than the election itself, actually, now that I think about it. OK, so some CNN poll said 70% of black people voted for Prop 8, due largely to the Black Church. That’s dissappointing, yes.

Additionally dissappointing are the commetns by Dan Savage and the like, that are blaming black people.

Let’s jsut get this out there:

The black community is homophobic.

The gay community is racist.

Prop. 8 lost.

I do think it’s insane that people who know what discrimination is like voted for what is basically, discrimination. I also think it’s insane that gays at rallies around LA are shouting racist, bigoted words and shunning black gays. What in the hell happened to fighting the fight together?

I hate divisiveness. If you are black, white, man, woman, asian, latino, gay, straight, transgender, indian or whatever, you are fighting the same fight. Why can’t we be fighting against hate in general? Yes, traditionally it may be easier to be a white, striaght man. But it’s also harder to get scholarships and such, since most of those are aimed at minorities of some sort. Everyone has seen hate. You are living in a bubble if you think your kind, whatever kind, is better than anyone else.

I’m angry that these ridiculous tactics to divide people fighting for equal rights are working. If I turned colors, I would turn red when I heard someone say gays are racist or blacks are homophobic. Stop complaining. Start educating. Whining about how hard it is for you will not get shit done. Going out the door and talking to a person about what you have seen is doing something. Stop blaming other people for your troubles. Forgive them. Be a good Christian/Muslim/Jew/Athiest. Be a good person.


I need to record this.

Today Tonight we’re standing on the precipice of something amazing.

This is how it happened. I’d been liveblogging all day, watching the TV, surfing the web. I decided to go to an Election Party and on the way there, it seemed good, but not definite. I got there, and worked and chatted.

I got up for some Mac & Cheese.

That was it. I was talking to someone and then all of a sudden there it was — history. A black man as president.

As journalists, we look at history as it’s being created. We’re in the present and the future at the same time. It’s rare that we look at at what we’re doing, and what is going on. It’s rare that we realize we are the historians of the present.

When I stood in line today, waiting my 20 minutes to vote at a fire station, I felt a wash of emotion. I was waiting to vote. I was waiting to vote in an amazingly importnat election. Don’t we say that every time? But really, this nation is on the edge of (a much overused word) change. Something needs to happen.

Something has.

As a minority, I’m remembering the reason I had to take piano lessons, work two jobs in high school and forgo sports. My parents. They took an amazing journey here. To save themselves from a dangerous place. A country that was sinking. They came here for –wait for it — change. Hope. Something new. They came here for opportunity. They came here for the chance at something amazing.

And now, something amazing. If this can happen, it’s not long until there isn’t much of a glass ceiling left. Hell, let’s say no glass ceiling at all. I can and have acheived much, but I’ve felt the pressure. I’ve felt it. The feeling that “this is as far as you can go.” Maybe tomorrow will not be much different, but progress is progress.

We’re standing in history. Not jsut everyday history, but a first, something amazing. It’s ridiculous to be so emotional about something, but I am. I am alternately surprised, happy, and hopeful. I was scared. In the back of my mind, something went wrong. Still, in my mind, there are still racist crazies with guns out there. But I’ve got to believe for a second.

And all I wanted at that moment was some Mac & Cheese. I got so much more.