dreams: walking to McDonalds

I remember my dreams a lot, so I’m going to try to blog them. Maybe a dream expert will come along and tell me what’s up.

What I remember: I was walking to McD’s. Instead of looking through the POV of first person, I was looking down at myself, like in video games (this may be because I was playing Fable II before bed).

I’m running through the woods, on path after path, and I finally see McDonalds. It’s in a field, near a housing development. I walk toward it and there are two cute black ladies walking there as well. They’re adorable, but I’m really freaking hungry.

This is the nicest McD’s I’ve ever been in. You have to walk through one set of doors and then up (or down, I don’t remember) an escalator to get to the counter. I’m relieved.

Things that may or may not have happened: Some interaction with a homeless kid? Something more about the housing development?

I think it really boils down to me playing too much Fable before bed. Decipher at will.

I miss…

being near the ocean

being near the woods

getting my feet wet

the excitement of learning something new

the kind of night that flies by way too fast

making egg rolls with my family

getting dragged out to the bar by my roommate

the smell of orange blossoms

Chinese food that never disappoints


snuggling close to The Boy, even when I’m hot

knowing that someone has my back

talking to strangers, and having a good reason for it

the camaraderie of a newsroom

making fun of whatever the Mayor’s doing now, or even knowing what it is that he’s doing

whispers he thinks I don’t hear


I had two conversations today that ended up with me thinking about listening.

In the first, I was trying to communicate some frustrations. I’m not sure if I’m a better writer than I am speaker, but clearly my concerns weren’t being heard. I heard the same response that I got last time I aired frustrations. It’s like talking to a wall, you can say all you want, but you’ll get the same response and somehow it’s up to you to keep talking until the wall understands — except it never will.

In the second, I had the reverse problem. I wasn’t listening, The Boy said. I’m easily distracted and was only having half a conversation.

Do we listen to each other at all anymore? Or all we all talking to walls?