random poetry

In close comfort
anxiety needs to be excised
Hold me closer
remind me what it is like to breathe again
breathe the scent of forgotten moments
breathe in the taste of lavender and lilacs
on a spring day
come here
and remember what it is to breathe.

A girl lay on the road
feeling the wet concrete
wet from tears
happiness or sadness, she didn’t know

The cat in the corner lay staring
half asleep
with a look of disapproval on it’s face

A girl walks down the street
sidestepping asphalt for grass
the blades dig into her skin
cutting out her fears

The boy lay far away
lost in a dream, breathing deeply
Dreams of rainforests and fishing

A girl opened a cabinet
looking for her heart
only to find a can of tuna
and a jar of deep breaths

The mother cut tomatoes
hands aching
knowing she wanted nothing more and nothing less

A girl fell asleep
breathing deeply and waiting for her heart
to come back home