You will dislike him, the protagonist of this story.

No one likes people like him. He’s a good man at heart, but that doesn’t mean he lets anyone see that.

He keeps his true self hidden away underneath his debonair, worldly gaze.

He says everything is going to change, but we don’t really know.

In the end, you start thinking that maybe you should hate him more.

Trouble is, you don’t.

You love him for the person you know he is. Or at least the person you thought he was.

Were you so wrong?


They say the intelligentsia can read the world for what it is more, and for that reason, they get set aside. They see the sadness for what it is. They see through the happy words in most stories to the real loneliness.

It’s so much easier to be disconnected than connected to those that don’t see the sadness. So what is he to do?

Sit there, in the vast open sparse apartment.

In the dark.

Dreaming of a life that is different, where he is the man he thought he was supposed to be. Instead, he’s an ass.

He balks at even saying that about himself, but it’s true. He is an ass. No one really likes him. You’re not even sure if you do. You can love someone without liking them.

You won’t like him. I know you won’t.

But you’ll love him.

hm. it seems alltop took me off their little list. *shrug* Maybe I should write more.

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