turn away [terrible poetry]

She sat in the chair across the way
telling me that it’d be fine
and part of feeling is getting hurt
Opening yourself up to others is a good step
she said with a sympathetic face.

The gates are wide open
and all that’s been rushing in
is a torrent of needles
finding the soft spots in my armor

She looked at the clock
it’s not time yet
you need to do this here

It can’t be time yet
to let it all go
there’s too much to hold
but it’s warm from being in my arms
and on my shoulders
and it’s so cold out here

Walking away
is so much easier
when you can’t feel the steps
or the ground beneath your feet

Letting you go
is so much easier
when I can pretend to forget
long conversations
and the feeling that
someone actually got it

She looked at the clock
it’s time to go
back to apathy

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