Alone in a crowd again
This time at the top of the world
Twinkle blink shine
The lights stretch far enough and the ground shakes
With the tremble
Of falling loves and lives
The Hilton shines close by and the couple walk by hand in hand
Here they are sharing a moment
Only spying unintentionally
Prize fighters sit alone waiting for love to come by
He’s a Teddy bear he says
Keep your head down stay in the corner
It’s a shame he lost you here

Alone in a crowd Tourists taking snapshots
To go home and show their friends
Switching out jack for Crown and the noises that made you writhe push you down
At the top of the world fighting the lonely
In the corner
Of your eye
Of your heart
Of the ring
Were all waiting for something
And the tricksters trick you into loving the unloveable the unloved the loveless the lovelorn
As the skies grow closer to light you’re hoping it’ll change
And prize fighter hope for a win
And the boys fighting the war hope for home
All waiting for something

Alone in a crowd again.

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