XI: A distant memory {unedited chapters}

Kevin looked at her, the brunette at the bar.

She reminded him of something. Someone. He was old and tired and was not sure why he was at this bar full of twenty somethings trying to climb into each other’s beds, but he was here.

He drank his whisky slowly, savoring the spice.

She looked like….it was not her but the look in her eyes, the nothing. It was not a vast emptiness of lack of intellect, he could see the sparkle of intelligence, but it was a nothing a nothing he knew in eyes once years ago in the girl he first loved and who left without a word. A girl he somehow knew in his gut had been something special.

He remembered her dirty blonde hair, the look of her body unclothed in his button down shirt, the ends skimming her thighs in the light.

“This will never be, you know,” she said. He had not believed her. A man who did not love but had loved her. He had later married and done his duty, love his wife, loved his children but never loved again like that.

He had them to fill the space.

He remembered her wild hair, the nothing in her eyes, the intent nothing.

He looked at the brunette, laughing.

He downed his whisky, unable to be near her anymore. He walked out into the night, back to the hotel to call his wife.

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