It was all a dream {freewrite}

187 years ago, it all felt like a dream.

The way things fit together and everything seemed…right. There was a time and a place, 187 years ago when she was sure of herself and the choices she had made.

But today was one of those days that didn't feel like that. Where the self-doubt cast a heavy fog through every thought and put weight into every step. Each past decision, whether years, months or minutes ago, felt like it might have been the wrong one. Always the wrong one.

Should she have turned left instead of right? Should she have said no instead of yes? These were the things that plagued her mind, the things she tried to push away with errands, tasks and busywork until it was no more. But today, it lingered through them all and everything everyone had said that was cruel pushed into the forefront. She could remember every word.

It wasn't intended. It should not have ended up like this.

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