the sky is on fire

and I don’t know if I’ll make it past today

where can we go from here

when the rain has past

and all we have left is the debris

of everything I’ve broken until now

a stream and regrets and lost items

no one wants nor will ever retrieve

I’m sorry if I did everything wrong

its the only way I knew


the sky is grey again

because everything moves forward

what more is here for me

when up never feels higher

and around only feels lower


The lights push against the emptiness

bound by wires and fate

full once but never again

on the concrete it’s alone again

waiting waiting to be picked up, filled and emptied again

what shopping cart lives we lead


the clouds are back

but maybe the rain has stopped

and I’m edging closer to the door

why clean up again when I could just leave my arms open

and breathe







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