my cat is staring at me

It is late. I have been out of town all day — first at a housewarming party, then at a documentary. I’ll write more about the documentary I saw tomorrow, when my brain is functioning better.

Ally is looking at me like it’s time to go to bed, but I feel the need to speak to the Interwebs for a minute.

The other blogs I write belong to an ad network/community, which has thus far been great. I took the idea of joining a ad network pretty seriously, especially because fashion blogging can get catty and I’m not one to stand for cattyness. A certain other network has been known for this in the past.

So, I joined. It was great in the beginning. A great group of women who write great stuff and help each other out. I love other bloggers because there is no sense of competition like there is in newspapering, I thought.


If you have an issue with me, I’m pretty open in saying that you can tell me. I might not like what you have to say and I might get a little defensive, but it’ll be better in the long run. If the whole living situation stuff recently has taught me anything, it’s to not get pissed over and over again. It’ll just end up being a bigger deal than it actually is.

No, All That & a isn’t a big time blog and I’m not famous. I do have another full-time job I’m pretty devoted to. So all the piddly little stuff sometimes gets lost and done later. I do not have time to really sit down and process every single blogging action I do thoroughly, for better or worse.

And if I apologize, the least you could do is accept it. Really. Saying more catty things is just going to make me like you less.

Blogging should not be like a grade school playground. I won’t quit the community or anything, but I’m still pissed about it. We’ll take the high road and not say anymore than I already have.

I’m a nerd

I just counted the number of RSS feeds I go through in a day. It’s 148. That’s not counting the 3-5 that I have yet to add to the list. I guess about 10 of them only update sporadically. Another 15 or so are b5 bloggers or my own blogs. another 15 are news sites i check randomly. So that’s just over 100 that I spend time reading every day. Wow.

The sad thing sometimes I think I need to go find more blogs, cuz I run out of ones to read from time to time. geez.

wanted: wordpress genius

Anyone know how to run two blogs under the same wordpress? Or, let me rephrase that: I want to have sections on my site, like a page will only have fashion posts, another page will have home posts, etc. How do I do so?

Please keep in mind I suck at CSS.

There will be no compensation, but I will love you forever.

On blogging

I spend a lot of time blogging. Honestly, I spend about 20 or so hour a week blogging and blogging-related things, like responding to e-mails on networks, brainstorming etc. I need to write down what I do every week, so I can keep track of it.
This post is more for me to organize my thoughts than anything else, but I welcome other bloggers to add their thoughts on their schedules.


Mon: site I like + something else

Tues: two random things

Wed: two random things (maybe I can do a link roundup?)

Thurs: what’s up at Decorazzi +something else

Fri: etsy+ what I’m up to (maybe I should move what I’m up to to Tuesday so each day has a set post?)


everything is random except Tues, which is Etsy day. I need to add inpiration, store, quick tip, maybe?


This is still to new for me to have a sched….this could go like this

Mon: store spotlight + something else

Tues: green + something else

Wed: Etsy + something else

Thurs: ??

Fri: ??

I need to spend a day not writing posts and just working on networking, like e-mailing sites I’ve mentioned of will mention soon.

On a happy note: I found this post with firefox add-ons which is great, through Darren’s problogging site.

This is what I’m doing here.

I’ve got way too many blogs, but little place for writing. Just personal writing. I want to be able to talk about life and other such things, so I can all All That & A to be a shopping blog and Decorazzi to be a home blog.

Sue me, I took a cue from Mighty Girl. She’s got other blogs and a place to write for herself.

I won’t update every day, sorry. Too much other stuff going on. But I probably will update often enough.