news: gay marriage legal in california

Today started out normal. I was almost late for my volunteering shift at a local AIDS non-profit. i had some avocado on toast on the way there.

Today turned magical pretty fast.

Around 9:30 a.m., I hear from the kitchen of the place I volunteer at “Kim! Turn on NPR!”

I had no idea why. I’d apparently been living under a rock. Today, the Supreme Court would rule on gay marriage in California.

It took us about 30 minutes to figure out what station NPR was, and then it was jazz. The internet was down, so we couldn’t keep an eye on that.

A little after 10 a.m., the Internet came back up and I heard another shout. We all piled behind a desk and read the story on the Sacramento Bee.

It was legal. A narrow 4-3 vote. We stared in disbelief, then I saw two of the people who work there hug.

Oh my God.

He started crying. Then there were frantic calls. I stayed, looking at the screen, reading the whole story. One of the men said his boyfriend was coming home soon.

“We might just go to the courthouse Monday.”

I smiled. Such a simple thing, a piece of paper. Yet it means so much to so many.

Read the Sac Bee story


There is something incredibly comforting about laying on the couch and hearing a Vietnamese skit at full blast. It is the place that I never really want to be, but I have no problem doing this night after night when I’m around my family.

I don’t understand 90% of what is being said, but it makes me understand why people of the same culture cling together. The sounds, the lilting uplift of the words and my mom’s cackle, it’s a good meld — it’s home.