do not buy a cell phone from

Or at least don’t try to exchange it.

The Boy and I decided to get on the same plan to save money, since we spend a pretty penny talking to each other. Long distance relationships are a drag.

So we find that we can both get Blackberries on AT&T for super cheap. It’s about a penny a phone to buy a new contract at That’s awesome.

I order the phones and I’m 90% sure that I buy a black and a red pearl.

I do not check the order properly.

I get a Curve and a Pearl. I call, to see if they’ll exchange it. Apparently, you get routed to India first and then re-routed to somewhere in the south. All my CS agents have has southern accents. Maybe Virginia or something. They say they’ll submit my info the the cell phone department and they’ll get back to me.

I say OK, then call back later, asking if i can just talk to them. They say that this mythical cell phone department doesn’t have a phone number. The second CS also get a bunch of things wrong. Says I did indeed order two pearls, then later recants that. Also says that I’ll probably have to return my whole order, cancel my new contract with AT&T and then re-order. Oh yeah, I’ll have to pay the early termination fee.

So I’m pissed off, but I wait. I don’t hear from this mythical department today, so I call.

This third CS says that it might take another day because they’re a small department. I cannot talk to them by phone, but they ARE reachable after 5 p.m. Hm. This sounds pretty contradictory, as yesterday they said that they weren’t reachable after 5 p.m. I say I’d really like to take care of it today, I’m going out of town and e-mail access isn’t for sure. She says, “you can check your e-mail from any computer.”

Way to insult my intelligence.

We’ll see what happens tomorrow. But do NOT buy a phone from Their customer service is terrible.