rant about moving

I called Dish Network last week to cancel my account. The guy said that I jsut needed to call back and it would only take five minutes to cancel, so I could call back the day i wanted to end service.

I realized later that I have a Dish DVR, which I guessed I had to return.

So I can tonight and get someone. She says that their service is down and she can’t help me. I tell her what the last guy said and apparently they need to send me boxes that would take 15 days to get there.

Would have been nice to know the first time I called.

So I ask if it’s just the DVR and remote they need and she says she doesn’t know, because the systems are down (by this time she’s not very nice, which I find odd, because I’m not being combative at all, just curious). She said there is some IM something I would also need to return. I ask her what that is and she repeats that she doesn’t’ know, the system is down. Well if you can tell me that people generally need to return it, I would hope you know what that thing is.

I am hoping they don’t need the physical dish back because it was already installed when I moved in.

I suppose I’ll have to call tomorrow and possibly move my DVR with me. This is more than annoying.

Whatever happened to customer service? First Amazon, now Dish?