tweet? nope.

I have mentioned earlier that Twitter lost my account about three weeks ago. I put up a comment on the Get Satisfaction Boards and e-mailed Twitter directly.

They said it was a bug and they were working on it. I patiently waited. A week later I prodded, and they said they were working on it and would contact me as soon as it was fixed.

I wait.

I email again last week.

No response.

I get on the Get Satisfaction boards today to find that no one has gotten their account back and one person was offered a tee-shirt for their troubles.


I understand Twitter is a free service and that I shouldn’t expect too much. But they could at least reply to e-mails. Their transparency is not going very far for me right now. Customer service is number one for a paid or free service. I ran a community web site. I know.

I don’t want to give up on Twitter, but I might have to forsake them soon and move to Friendfeed or back to Pownce or something. I loved Twitter, I convinced work to use it on numerous occasions. For breaking news and then for the recent elections. And this is the thanks I get. Great.

What’s up, Twitter? How about you take care of the people who promote you most?